elite Level membership

In every field there’s an elite level where accomplished individuals achieve recognition. For traders, that Elite Level is called Kings of Wall Street.

Membership in the Kings of Wall Street ® community is a goal for High Net Worth Investors and Day Traders. Members have access to extremely powerful strategies used by bankers to generate extraordinary profits on the most liquid financial markets. Members also receive daily support on the top global markets, to help them anticipate market turns with a high level of accuracy.

Members are also provided with powerful services such as the Elite Market Scanner designed to scan thousands of financial instruments, identifying high quality trading and investing opportunities for the Members.

The Elite Level Membership is also your pass into the Top Trading Strategies. Special privileges into the Kings of Wall Street ® community also include private group trading rooms with top level instructors.

Access Fee: 25,000$

Yearly Fee: 5,000$


high net worth events

The Elite Level Membership in the Kings of Wall Street® community gives access to our exclusive private events. Our Members gather several times each year in exclusive locations to discuss investment opportunities and improve their trading skills.


small groups master classes with top traders

One of the key success factors for anyone looking to reach the highest level of expertise in their field is to associate with a small group of tight-knit, like-minded associates, trained by Top Traders.


priority access to the markets

Elite Level Members gain priority access to features, strategies and instruments that remain unavailable to the average investor.