trade for a living - lifetime program

Become a Trader with our Lifetime Membership Program. Learn to trade stocks, currencies, futures, commodities and bonds  by following a unique Trading Strategy. Uncover your objectives and discover which markets are right for you. Learn to trade and invest with guaranteed Lifetime Support and Mentorship.

Attend the course either live at the Oxford College, at The Shard in London or simply join us online and take part in an easy and pleasant learning process. We will start by giving you the knowledge to succeed with proven Trading Strategies applied to real time charts using quantitative analysis on all financial markets.

Training begins with our One Week Workshop at the Oxford College which is broadcasted live in real time to members all over the world. The workshop is interactive and there is always time for questions, so you can fully enjoy the step by step path to your Trading Success. In the weeks following, a series of short sessions training are carried out to reinforce the learning process. These sessions are individual and can be recorded for your convenience so you can store and review the content.

After six weeks from the start of the Program you will receive the keys to a Trading Account and your career as a Trader will start.

Lifetime Membership: 6,000 $

Yearly Renewal Fee: 450 $



lifetime membership and support

The learning process in trading and investing is an ongoing and evolving mechanism. This is why we don’t just give you the know-how and then wave goodbye. On the contrary, we make you a Lifetime Member of our exclusive circle of traders.

Your Lifetime Membership will help you adapt and apply your knowledge effectively to changing market conditions while sharing information with other traders. The Yearly Meeting will allow you to pick up useful, and potential trading leads from your fellow traders, and to get updated on the recent developments of our Trading Systems.


the learning process

  • Profit in falling as well as rising markets
  • Forecast trend changes at early stages
  • Price optimization and Risk minimization
  • Identify predictive patterns
  • Use the Prop Trading Strategy to make profits in any market condition
  • Use risk management techniques to preserve your capital
  • The psychology of trading: know when to hold and when to close
  • Orders management
  • How to use (and not to use) technical analysis
  • The importance of "having the right strategy"
  • The right Time-frame
  • Maximizing trade techniques
  • The "magic touch"

the trading lifestyle

The most interesting part of being a Trader is the great degree of flexibility that comes with the job. Both in terms of Time and in terms of Possibilities. There are no restrictions to how many hours you can or have to work in a day. As well as there are no limits to what you can achieve.

Another considerable advantage of this business is that it comes with little to no cost. In fact you can start your own Trading Business with a minimum investment and see that investment grow in time, given the fact that you have the right know-how.